Case Results

Examples of our Jury Trial Successes

Please note that the names of our clients and the other parties have to be deleted, because almost every case resolves with a release containing a confidentiality clause.

Colorado Lawyers$850,000 in an MVA case involving a forehead impact with momentary blindness and chronic residual headaches, TMJ dysfunction, and neck pain. Defendant’s last offer before trial was $9,000. In addition to the verdict, our client’s own insurer settled the bad faith case against it for $35,000 based on its wrongful denial of certain treatment expenses. We also won the Worker’s Compensation case, where our client’s insurer denied benefits claiming she was not at work (she was getting sandwiches for the all-night shift at the alcohol recovery center where she was employed when the accident occurred).

$250,000 in an insurance bad faith case against involving wrongful denial of wage loss benefits. The bulk of the damages were for emotional distress, because the plaintiff had cancer and was evicted from her apartment because she couldn’t afford rent. The jury awarded punitive damages. Defendant’s last offer before trial was $500. In addition to the verdict, we obtained the $25,000 policy limits from the responsible driver’s liability policy.

$155,000 in a finger amputation/paint spray gun product liability case.

$115,000 in an insurance bad faith case, where we had to sue our client’s insurance company twice. The first denial of benefit case settled for $3,000. We also obtained a $90,000 settlement with the liability insurer of the negligent driver, and a $22,142.70 settlement with the Worker’s Compensation insurer (our client was driving her delivery route at the time of the collision).

$95,756.45 in a very low-speed MVA case. Our client had back surgery for disks herniated years earlier in another MVA, with a poor outcome rendering him unable to work. The defendant’s insurance company’s last offer before trial was $500.

$110,000 in a case involving a drunk driver heavily damaging my client’s place of business, which she had spent her career saving to build. The defendant’s insurer refused to offer any payment for my client’s severe emotional distress until one day before trial, and then only offered $25,000. The jury awarded all of the building and contents damage, the $50,000 for emotional distress damages we asked for, and punitive damages. The trial judge awarded attorney’s fees against opposing counsel for groundless motions practice.

$75,000 in an insurance bad faith case involving denial of wage loss benefits. The insurance company’s final offer before trial was $12,000. The jury awarded punitive damages.

Examples of Settlements

$2.5 million for 12 Dalkon Shield IUD users we represented in a series of arbitrations from 1991 through 1996.

$752,500 in a truck versus auto collision case, where my client was unable to work for more than a year after the collision due to cognitive problems. We also recovered $45,000 for the driver of her vehicle who suffered aggravation of a shoulder injury.

$650,000 in a wrongful death head-on collision caused by a drunk driver. The main issue in the case was the economic loss caused by the death of our client’s spouse.

$300,000 for a teenage girl who needed jaw surgery with implants because of severe internal derangement caused by the impact.

$250,000 (statutory maximum) in a medical malpractice/wrongful death case where the physician misdiagnosed an aneurysm.

$240,000 in a products liability case where our client’s hip replacement failed due to incomplete cleaning of oil left on the acetabular shell component during manufacture.